Update: Life is crazy.

So, I’ve been absent from making music. From even thinking about it.

But, I’m making a comeback, it might take awhile but I’m going to have a bunch of new interviews out and might even start putting them on youtube.

As for why I’ve been gone, work, work, and more work. Plus it’s been a little hard to get into the local music scene down here in the good ol’ south.

So within the next few months look for some exciting new things to come. Contests possibly and who knows, maybe even free stuff?

The Camp Counsulor You Never Wanted?

A day or so ago I interviewed a one man band called I Heart Heart Breaks and it was by far one of my favorite interviews. His name is John Ray. He hails from Chesterfield, Mo and is a band with a purpose. He has been compared to Never Shout Never’s Christofer Drew among others. His sound is unique and all his own. Here is the interview and some fan questions at the end.

Q. How was your band started? Like the history behind it?

A.  It started off as an actual band. I was in it with three other guys. I had been doing music for a very long time, (since like 3rd grade), and I ended up kind of managing it, and it seemed like I was the only REALLY interested person. So I decided to break off from it and start my own solo thing, which I had been longing to do for a while. It turned out a lot more fun and music was easier and more enjoyable to write.

Q. Do you have any recent releases or any tour plans coming up?

A. I’ve had to push back my album release because of so many unfortunate events with the studio. It sucks! But it’s coming together. I plan on releasing the album in mid-August definitely. My tour plans, as of now, are very uncertain. I want to get the music out there first to the fans and want to create a bigger fan base so touring will be more possible. I’ve been so blessed with the support of my fans. I do plan on going on an album-release tour soon though. The details are vague.

Q. What is the song writing process like?

A. It’s different for a lot of musicians. In my case, I sit down at my computer or carry around a notepad and pen and let music just flood out of me. It’s gotten to the point where it happens very naturally. As a child I wrote stories and poetry that kind of suited as the foundation for my writing today. If I’m really mad or feel like breaking shit, that’s when I get my songs out the best. Songs can either take a whole day to write, or like 2 hours for me. It depends on how I feel at the moment or about the song.

Q. What instruments do you play?

A. I play guitar, a bit of piano, and I don’t know if singing is an instrument but I sing .

Q. What genre would you say your music fits in?

A. I’d have to say…pop/rock? Somewhere in there. It’s fun rock, but with a deeper and more grunge kind of meaning somewhere in there. It’s like a big donut, a jelly filled donut. The jelly is more of a BVB/MCR kind of tone and the soft outer part is BLG/ATL haha.

Q. Are you signed to a record label or no?

A. No, I’m unsigned at the moment.

Q. What are some of your musical influences?

A. : Oh well, as a kid I started listening to Bowling For Soup, then I got deep into Green Day (as to be expected), then into Fall Out Boy, then Simple Plan, then I discovered Boys Like Girls and the opened up a different kind of rock to me. BLG has been a big influence and I love their stuff. I actually listen to a lot of classical music composers like John Powell and Hans Zimmer. Their stuff is amazing. It helps kind of drag out that internal creativity haha.  All Time Low is another big one, and FTSK. I love all sorts of bands and those are just some. I listen to NeverShoutNever from time to time, who people compare me to. Mainly, I’d have to say Green Day and My Chemical Romance have really inspired me. My Chem showed me a lot of unique things about music and are amazing guys. I’d love to tour with them someday.

Q. What drives you or keeps you making music?

A. : Uhm, recently I went through a lot of relationship troubles which really fueled a lot of my songs on this album I’m making now. Thoughts of kids in the world being confused and lonely is something that I want to share with people. To show them that they aren’t alone and life sucks at a young age some times. You just have to keep moving forward and know that there are always brighter days ahead of you. You have to keep focused on the positives and don’t let the negatives stop you. I want people to feel a connection with my music so that when they are depressed or broken-hearted, they can go to my music and feel comforted by it. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs so I want to kind of show people that there is a guy that really sucks at life so you don’t have to haha.  I’m kind of the test mouse in a science lab sent out to find the cheese.

Q. How can people get your music and merch and other things?

A.  You can go to my store @ www.zazzle.com/iheartheartbreaks. Or win a free one on my Facebook page.

Q. What are your top five albums/ or songs for this year? Like what are your favorites to listen to?

A. 1. Sing by My Chemical Romance
      2. For the First Time by the Script
     3. Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides
     4. Fix You by Coldplay
    5. Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

Q. What is rehearsing like for you?

A. It’s very interesting haha. I’ll go up to my studio and just pluck away for a bit at one of my songs and do some editing and practicing. I obsess over my work so I’m constantly going back and forth. For instance, if I’m making cereal in the morning or something and I have a good idea for a guitar riff or bridge, I’ll drop what I’m doing and run up and play it repeatedly. I am nearly never satisfied with just one time through a song. It’s a lot of hard work but it doesn’t seem like it. I’ll find myself practicing for like 6 hours at a time. It’s pretty overwhelming haha. So, in summary, it’s hard but fun work.

Q. Any last words for your fans and for your soon to be fans?

A. Sure, I have some questions from them but I’ll do those next. For my soon to be fans I wanna say thank you so much for your support! I hope my music means something to you in some sort of way.

Now it’s time for fan questions.

Q. If fire breathing Moths from mars were battling Zombie Pandas in grim reaper suits, which side would you be on?

A. I would be on the Zombie Pandas because zombies, as we all know, are harder to kill.

Q. Harry Potter or Twilight?

A. I choose Harry Potter, because by Male Law I cannot choose twilight.

Q. Apples or Bananas?

A. I choose apples, bananas are awkward to eat

Q. Would you bungee jump off the moon with a monkey with a hangover while wearing barney pajamas n Singing never shout never’s  song I  Love You 5???

A.  Yes I would bungee jump off the moon with a monkey with a hangover while wearing Barney pajamas and singing NSN’s I love you 5.

The Electro Kid: Up and Coming Australian Music Sensation

So a few days ago I interviewed an amazing band from Australia called The Electro Kid. They have  a lot of fresh beats and catchy lyrics that you just can’t help but sing along to. Here is the interview I did with him.

Q: So, what is the history behind The Electro Kid?

A: Well, it all started in January 2010, from there it has just gradually progressed, starting to gain more attention online and stuff. 2011 has been pretty big for us and we see it as the beginning of something good.

Q: I see that you finished the ep. Are you excited about it?

A: Yeah, Drove for 3 hours, got really lost along the way, but finally made it to our friends house, we tracked 3 songs for the EP which should be released for free very soon. Really excited about it because it has a little bit of a different sound to our single ‘For Yourself’, the new songs involve a lot more guitar whilst still having the core synths. Stoked to have new music out soon for the people who have supported us.

Q: Well, I for one am excited to hear the new songs and I know your fans must be as well. I really liked ‘For Yourself’. What are some of your musical influences?

 A: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. My main musical influence is The Ready Set, Jordan’s music is just really catchy and i look up to him a lot. I like a lot of different musical genres and in some way shape or form I’m sure everything I listen to influences certain parts of my music.

Q: What drives you to make music? Like, What is your inspiration and where do you come up with the beats and such?

A: The main reason is the fact that I just love making music, I love creating it, promoting it, doing all the design work; basically anything involved with building TEK up. MY inspirations come from life, thing I see, things that happen to me, situations I’ve been in or even situations I’ve seen. The beats just start off with a synth or something that I figure out on my keyboard and then I build it up layer by layer from there.

Q: What genre would you say your band fits into?

A: Well, for, For Yourself it is Pop or Electro Pop. But this new EP is a bit more Power Pop or Electro Pop Rock haha, lots of genres.

Q: What is a way for new fans to get your songs?

A:  I have the single on iTunes. And there will be the new EP out for free very soon. All the links to download the EP for free will be posted on my Facebook and Twitter when it comes out.

Q: What are your top 5 song/albums for this year, that we should check out?

A:This year, my top 5 albums are, Breathe Carolina - Hell Is What You Make It, Stephen Jerzak - Miles And Miles, Set It Off - Horrible Kids, I See Stars - End of The World Party, and These Kids Wear Crowns- JumpStart.

Q: Any last words for people who are diehard fans and for those who are just discovering your music?

A: Thank you so much for the support, stay up to date at twitter.com/theelectrokid or facebook.com/theelectrokid
 Brand new EP soon.

Here are some fan questions.

Q: Have you seen skins UK ? did you like it.. why or why not?

A: Yes, I’ve seen every season of Skins UK, and I really liked it, it’s one of my favorite TV Shows.

Q: What made you want to get into the music business?

A: I just wanted to see if i could translate the feeling I got when i listened to music into my own creation and make people happy with that creation.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted Island what are the five things you couldn’t live without?

A: I would need the obvious food and water, the other three things would be music, some form of musical instrument and a satellite phone to call for help and tell people I’m stranded.

Q: Do you listen to different genres of music when you’re song writing?

A: I do, I always listen to different musical genres to gain a broader range of musical knowledge and see what works in different songs to benefit my own song writing.

Q: Whats your favorite part about making music? :) & your least favorite?

A: My favorite thing is making people happy through my music.
I can honestly say there isn’t anything that I haven’t dislike about making music so far.

That concludes the first interview on UU&U. I really look forward to getting this bands new ep, and hopefully see them make it big. I wish The Electro Kid all the best. Good luck.

The Story of The Blog Idea.

I started this blog to help really good bands get more fans. Why you might ask, when I get nothing in return?

Well, I love music and I really hate to see good artists and bands struggle to get noticed because they aren’t mainstream. There are plenty of good bands out there that aren’t getting what they deserve. Just because they don’t have a record deal doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough. So this is for them, the bands of today and the future.